New YouTube Player for PhantomBot


ya its looking awesome so far for sure :slight_smile:


The bug where songs don’t remove from the playlist after they have or are playing is still doing the same and not removing unless you click the skip yourself then it removes them up until the point ur at


Does this only happen when you force play a song?


if i add songs to the queue and just let it play they dont remove but if i skip a song from the pannel then it removes all the songs before the one its on… i would take a gif but that would take to long as songs are too long unless i add 10 seconds videos to the song request to test


I see what you mean, I’ll take a look at the code and push a fix, I have a feeling it’s something in the youtubePlayer.js code.


It’s something in the script, however I can fix it within the player code by requesting the song list once the song is done. Updating the download right now.


@ScaniaTV I have a quick suggestion to you: I does look very well and also is working fine. But can you please make the panel more responsive?

I mean to get the both containers on the right to unter the player when the width is not enough or for using it as mini-player. This should also help me to get it perfectly into my PhantomBot MusicPlayer Tool for desktop!

Best regards, Marcel


Just extend the width of your application?


wierd bug but after skipping 7 songs it goes a bit nuts… below is a screen shot sorry if its a bit laggy but eh :slight_smile:


Works fine here.


I’ll look into this.



If the song request queue is empty is it possible to hide that div? I just think it’d look better :smiley:


Fixed, you just have to update the ytplayer folder.


New update! This isn’t much, but is probably what the player will ship with in our next release.

You can now toggle the player size, there’s no button as of right now for this, so it will have to be toggled from the browser console with one of the following functions.

localStorage.setItem('phantombot_ytplayer_size', 'half')
localStorage.setItem('phantombot_ytplayer_size', 'small')
localStorage.setItem('phantombot_ytplayer_size', 'tiny')
localStorage.setItem('phantombot_ytplayer_size', 'default')

Once you refresh the player should take its new size.


Getting a small error in console related to autoplay:

www-widgetapi.js:110 Unrecognized feature: 'autoplay'.


New update! You can now change the player size from the settings modal! Added zip file in default post.


Irrelevant 2nd playerConfig.js in zip


Error parsing header X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block; report= insecure reporting URL for secure page at character position 22. The default protections will be applied.

I just get an infinite loading screen, If I download that .zip file from here and replace it with the current ytPlayer (that didn’t work either for me) With current error message.


What browser? Running on a server? Using a proxy per chance?

You could be hitting a known bug in Chromium/Chrome:

It’s a known bug in current Google Chrome and Chromium: 807304 - Incorrect error message when a Secure Page’s X-XSS-Protection Report URI is cross-origin - chromium - Monorail

In current version of their browser Chrome developers had restricted the X-XSS-Protection’s report field URL to the same domain origin for some security reasons. So, when you embed video with some embed code, at it downloads from another server where the header report= is set, and while your page is not hosted at domain - the error message occurs.

Why other folks are not hitting this is interesting though.


Just local with localhost:25000/ytplayer or something like that.

With Chrome and Safari…

Okay - in Firefox there is nothing in console - works fine now!