New YouTube Player for PhantomBot


For some reason my YTP just skips a load of songs at random. if 5 ppl request a song the first one may play and then it will delete 4 request and play the last one. or if 10 are request it may just skip to the 3 song then play the 8th. I don’t know why this happens


If the songs aren’t available in your country or are blocked they will be skipped. This hasn’t to do with the YouTube player.


At first I thought you were right but that is not true for me. I have tested it. simple song will just skip over and over. I have to type that is individually. Simple songs like Drake, rihanna will just skip there there are like 6 or 7 songs it will skipp all in the middle and go right to the last song.


Screenshots, console logs, and examples (with YouTube IDs) would help. Simple songs do not mean much. I was trying to import a pop-song list of the 2010s and it rejected many songs because of copyright errors from YouTube. Just because a song plays in the web-application does not mean it will play in the embedded player either, YouTube has different controls in place.


New to the community and setting up my Bot, but on previous versions there appears to be a chat option that I can’t seem to identify on the new interface (although it is quite sleek!).

Did this feature go away or am I missing some “click here to turn on chat icon in ytplayer” option?

Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction!


As of right now this isn’t a feature no.


Is “loop” of playlist no longer a thing. Seems like when it gets to the end of the playlist, it just stops and I have to start it again?

Old version would play continuously through playlist until the end of time if I wanted.