No Discord Bot; Not possible to install!


There is no such file as botlogin.txt in the files provided. Therefore I can not use this great bot to help my discord community grow. Please fix your download or make a Discord bot for everyone to use on there servers. Thankyou for taking your time to read this post.


Have you ran the bot yet? Initial startup process walks you through most of the setup and generates needed files.


Also, you must also follow the directions to setup your Discord settings once you have the bot configured for Twitch, which is what Kojitsari mentions above. We require you to register your own application so that you have full control over the integration. Be sure to read the below:


Done everthing you said still no


Did you start the bot by clicking on the launch.bat file? PhantomBot isn’t a Discord bot, you will have to get the Twitch side setup for it to work with your Discord server, it will also only work in on Discord server.


Yes I did do that first


There still isn’t a botlogin.txt file in the main bot folder?


Can we see some screenshots of running launch.bat and see what is going on?


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