No longer able to tag @everyone in Discord when streamer goes live


PhantomBot Version:
OS Version: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
Java Version: OpenJDK 1.8.0_131
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Firefox Nightly 57.0b12 (64-bit)
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

Ever since the new fancy formatted alerts for when the streamer goes live went live for the latest version of Phantombot, I can no longer configure it to tag @everyone to alert people. Most of the Discord regulars rely on it as their alarm to check in, so for now the streamer has to manually tag everyone to let them know they’re live.


I’ll see what can be done since so many users like to ping everyone when they go live. It’s normal that embeds don’t accept mentions like that,


I have a couple of ideas regarding that actually. Would require modification in the Discord/Stream Alerts area though.

  1. Change the “online message” to post as an additional message instead, and make the embed line part of the lang file.

  2. Add another line under the existing “online message” for people to customize an additional message after the embed.

  3. Add toggles like Toggle Game Change Alerts for example, but to post @here or @everyone (since some people, like myself, don’t want to use the everyone tag).

Just my ideas though.


Hi there guys!

I am experiencing the same thing and I thought it was something I did wrong as I never changed the settings but after adjusting them I still wasn’t able to ping everyone like I used to and add the url and game name and all that jazz.
It would be amazing if we could get it back to the way it used to be :slight_smile:

Discord stream alert @mentions

Please take a look at the page below for a way to add the @everyone above the embed


Fixed in 869690d


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