Not to charge points to ignored bots


Not to charge points to bots from ignorebots.txt list. There are so many useless lurking bots at the moment (electricalskateboard, electricallongboard, commanderroot, bananennanen, seniorpomidor, thronezilla, slocool, twitchanalyticbot, decafsmurf, himekoelectric, lanfusion, cogwhistle, skinnyseahorse, mwmwmwmwmwmwmwmmwmwmwmwmw, virgoproz, 0_applebadapple_0, etc.) that they are constantly taking the lead in the points table in the panel (I know that ignored bots are not displaying when !top command is called).


My thought on this and opened a user story for:

  1. Move the handling of bots list into Permissions.
  2. Never add bots to the list of users that PhantomBot adds time or points to.
  3. Also would remove from any random commands, because they aren’t in the list.
  4. Wipe any database related data to the list of given bots (time, points) when the file is loaded or re-loaded. This way if new bots show up, their data is wiped automatically.

Sound reasonable?


Absolutely perfect way in my opinion.


Yeah - I would also like if the “Promote to Regular” also will use this new “Bot List” to prevent, that this bots are displayed on chat as Regular. (Would be point 2: no time or points).

Hope to see that feature soon.

  1. Never add bots to the list of users that PhantomBot adds time or points to.

Like you said, that will take care of that for y’all :slight_smile:


We’re working on a new permission system that will make this a lot easier to add and won’t slow down the bot.


While we get the rewrite going.

jointest muxybot
[11-09-2018 @ 18:31:19.702 MST] [CONSOLE] Executing jointest
[11-09-2018 @ 18:31:19.703 MST] >>>> BOT: muxybot
jointest wizebot
[11-09-2018 @ 18:31:32.738 MST] [CONSOLE] Executing jointest
[11-09-2018 @ 18:31:32.739 MST] >>>> BOT: wizebot
[11-09-2018 @ 18:31:41.839 MST] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, Users in channel: illusionarybot
jointest illusionaryone
[11-09-2018 @ 18:31:48.106 MST] [CONSOLE] Executing jointest
[11-09-2018 @ 18:31:50.210 MST] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, Users in channel: illusionarybot, illusionaryone

The debug line will be removed. It is to illustrate that bots listed in ignorebots.txt, when to be added to the user list, are no longer added. This also works if a bot happens to send a message or when we attempt to fully reload the list.

Additionally, the time and points table have data deleted for the bots in the list at startup and when running !reloadbots. Yes, the command has changed:

[11-09-2018 @ 18:34:07.956 MST] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, Deprecated. Please run !reloadbots
[11-09-2018 @ 18:34:09.344 MST] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, Reloaded list of bots and users to not accumulate time or points.

A reminder is left in place for now to use the new command.

PR 2068