OBS Integration For Polls


Would love to see a way to integrate polls into OBS so that they can be shown on the stream instead of just in the Twitch chat.


Oh yes, I would love that aswell!


Really looking to this feature.


Be a little more specific on how you want it done and I might be able to make a custom script and/or edit.


Would be easy to integrate. Just a graph that shows the poll-results live on stream? Doesn’t sound that difficult.


Exactly this. Just a simple way to show live poll results on screen as the votes are coming in.


In which case, we do accept pull requests. Would you be willing to write the code and submit it to support this?


I would see this working like the alerts page does. That means needing a websocket connection and a new method to push data to the page to indicate a poll started, results in between, and that a poll closed.

If it is going to be real time, then the poll system has to push an event to the websocket server to let it know to push results to the page, or, just have the websocket server push so often. I am not sure if I would suggest real time.

API calls could also be used rather than the websockets, but, I imagine that there should be some way that the Core has to let the page know that a poll started and stopped without the page having to constantly hammer the bot looking for that status.