One-time StreamElements to Phantombot Points Transfer


Is it possible to do a one-time transfer of all user points in SE to PB? There are users in SE who probably don’t exist in the PB table, since SE was used first.



This has been discussed before, according to StreamElements’ API documentation, there isn’t a way to get their entire database of points for a specific channel. The only way to do this would be if they add an option for users to export their points to a CSV file.


I asked, and got this response:


I’ll take another look, but still, pulling from the API takes a lot of time if they paginate requests, which they probably do. If your database has 200 000 users in it, and they have a limit of let’s say 1 query every 1 second, and they only give us 100 users each request, it will take 2000 query’s just to pull all users.


Ok, great. Currently this channel’s DB has points registered for 41654 users, but it’s either nominal or zero point totals. In this case, we’d probably be more than okay with transferring the points for the top 1000 or so, if it’s something that can be segregated.


It may be fine for some channels, but we also need to think about the larger ones out there. We always consider all channels when adding features to the bot.