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Hello everybody,

thank you very much for the bot, runs great on my Pi.

Now to my question:
There is the possibility to run two instances of the bot in parallel, which is also very good. But is it also possible to remodel the command reference in a simple way?

For example:! age in .age or similar?

I would like to run the second bot with a different set of commands, but if I miss a command and then both bots respond, I think that this leads to confusion or overloading the Pi.

Or does one have to intervene in the PhantomBot.jar?

Many thanks for your answers

Kind regards


I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to run the bot twice separately in the same channel, but in any case, to change the command indicator, you would have to change at at least a third of the bot files, recompile the whole thing etc etc etc.

TLDR: Not worth the trouble.


Hi Auroris, thank you for your answer.

My intention was to run two bots in one channel, one to watch the chat, and the other for entertainment. I do not want to run everything over a bot to keep track.

But if you say that it is not worth the effort I’ll have to come up with something else. You are the pro :slight_smile:

Many Thanks


This could lead to a global chat banned for your bot account, Twitch does limit how many messages you can send in a time frame. If you surpass that limit, your IP address gets locked out of all Twitch chats for 30 minutes. The only way to change the command prefix, as Auroris said, you’d have to edit the core. Commands cannot use . or / since those are for native Twitch chat commands.

/timeout and .timeout are the same thing.


Hello ScaniaTV,

Thank you for your answer, but I let it all go through my head again and I think I’ll leave the Command Interpreter like that and adjust both bots that you do not have the same commands, I think it’s very costly but that must be feasible: )

Thank you for your answers, keep it up, I’m looking forward to updates :slight_smile:


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