!PayActive command to pay out active users


This script is created by me and @ArthurTheLastAncient will have some input on making it better but if you want to use the starter here it is :slight_smile:

Version 1.0.2

there is 3 commands:
!payactive :- which will enable and disable it
!payactive payout :- which will set the payout after its disabled
!payactive check :- to check the current payout amount


Added a bot list of uses that wont be checked so if you use nightbot and moobot and other in the list they wont trigger the active

payactiveSystem.js (4.0 KB)
system-payactiveSystem.js (945 Bytes)

Newest Version 1.1.0
Newest Version


I’m very confused on a lot of the logic used in this script…

!payactive will set the boolean to true if false… But if true it pays out and sets it to false? What’s the point of this exactly?

You don’t really need to hit the db every time someone sends a message, just set the value of active in the commands when you also set the value in the database.

And speaking of sending messages, why don’t commands count for someone being active?

And thirdly, your handling of checking messages is wrong. You’re checking if message.contains('!')… Meaning if I were to type GET [email protected]!#$#@!$#[email protected]$!, it wouldn’t count, as my message indeed contains a !.

I do like the idea, just slightly confused on some of this logic.


well im not the best at logics and i wasnt sure on how to so message.startwith(’!’) so juts used contains this is just the start of the script still a work in progresss but it works as a start :slight_smile:

i also tied the active = true; and active = false; but failed

Screenshot from 2017-10-16 19-37-55


Let me do some fiddling and I’ll get back to ya.


oh my days it was just the fact of changing (active == 'false') to (active == false)

I have updated the top post with that fix along sing a blacklist :slight_smile:


Current Version 1.0.3
just a few updates on the code and how it works!

Command Updates
No command updates

Function Updates
removed the need to save active users to a database there for removing lag by adding an array system!

payactiveSystem.js (4.7 KB)
system-payactiveSystem.js (1.1 KB)


May I ask, how is this different/better to the built in function? I suspect I’m missing something glaringly obvious, but not sure?


this is a system i can enable and disable for when i got brb people who are active in the time im brb they get a bonus amount of points :slight_smile:


Ah, a bonus for keeping the chat alive when the streamer is AFK. I follow. :slight_smile:


Current Version 1.0.4
this is an update by @ArthurTheLastAncient

Command Updates

  • !payactive payout


  • !payactive set payout/addbot

Function Updates
The ircChannelMessage had been changed to a bind and unbind command
Can now use a command to add to the bot list :slight_smile:

payactiveSystem.js (6.0 KB)
system-payactiveSystem.js (1.4 KB)


Why are you guys defining a custom bot list when one already exists?

From topCommand.js:

var bots = $.readFile('./addons/ignorebots.txt'),

You guys should use the same thing.


This way we can have a block list but they can still show in the top list also the removing of a user is much easier this way then the text file way


Current Version 1.1.0
this is an update by @ArthurTheLastAncient yet again with his awesome skills

Command Updates
added sub commands for !payactive set:

  • chatmessage
  • userentrymessage
  • delbot (to go with addbot)

Function Updates
The botList now runs off the $.readFile(’./addons/ignorebots.txt’) as @UsernamesSuck had said

payactiveSystem.js (10.1 KB)
system-payactiveSystem.js (2.7 KB)