!permission update to human readable


It would be nice if the !permission command took human readable/user-friendly input.

For example:

!permission username moderator

rather than

!permission username 2

Since memorizing what number is associated with what role is not something you can really expect every administrator to do.

You could have multiple options for each permission level, for example: 2, mod, moderator
This way you continue to support the current methodology, but allow for more user-friendly input that accounts for alternate phrasing.



Agreed, at some point I thought the command did support the name of the group as well as the number but perhaps that somehow was removed sometime along the way.


You can already do this, you just need to write the group name the correct way. I can’t remember if the permission is case sensitive or not.

!permission scaniatv Caster
!permission scaniatv Administrator
!permission scaniatv Moderator
!permission scaniatv Subscriber
!permission scaniatv Regular
!permission scaniatv Viewer


Interesting. Is it case sensitive? Since it was not documented and my initial attempts failed (with the bot responding asking for a number I believe) I assumed it was not supported.


It was a thing before like @IllusionaryOne said, will push a fix for it. Looks like it was removed.