Petals Around the Rose


Thank you for your time, but i cant seem to get it working. :frowning: i checked the code and even changed the channel from general to casino (casino is the channel i want this app to work in)


Where did you place the scripts?



Any idea whats wrong?




They appear to be in the correct place. Any errors in the console? Did you make sure to enable the modules?


yes i have enabled the modules. do i have to change [ var mainChannel = ‘general’ ] ?

And no i dont think i have errors in the console. here is the line of command thats related to the module :
[09-16-2017 @ 16:15:09.633 GMT] Loaded module: discord/custom/games/petalGame.js (Enabled)


Yes, you’ll have to change that to casino as that’s the channel you want to use.


Nope, I don’t use steam often. You can find me in the phantombot discord as ‘HighHowDoIPlay’ though. (Consider this giving you permission to DM me on it though the discord rules say not to)


Thank you very much sir! im actually pretty desperate right now. Its 3.20 am where im at and im still trying to figure this out. hahaha