Phantom bot not responding to all/some whispers


Greetings Devs, I am a manager for a user of this bot.

We are having a lot of issues with phantom right now, in not responding to over 50% of our mods when whispered.


Over half of our mods have to flood the chat with different commands because the bot will not post them when whispered.

We are always using the /w (bot name)

I am one of the admins and the bot doesn’t even seem to react to the whisper at all. As far as I can tell from our bot dev that there is no server log kick back at all. Some help would be amazing right now.


This is a change Twitch made a long time ago, the user will have to follow the bot to receive whispers from it, or whisper the bot once. This isn’t applied to whispers sent onsite, since it’s done through an API that can only be used onsite. Also, the user has to be sure that they allow whispers from people they follow, this is a Twitch setting.


You may also register your bot with Twitch. They will analyze how it works and, from what I gather, they do relax some of the whisper restrictions.


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