PhantomBot Alerts


Hey guys, so when people follow, My bot literally says
"(Userprefix) has followed"

How do i get it to say their actual name?
I’m not sure it tells me about Hosts and such yet


Hey, you can use (name) to show the user’s name in the follow, host, and subscriber messages.


Aha awesome, i’ll try it out later. Thanks.
I also have another question but its not related to this topic. Should i make a new one? Or can we pm about it at all?


You can say it here.


Awesome. Im trying to make my own Adventure.
I have the page open for the tutorial and i understand it fine.

But am i able to make like a levelling system?
Or can i make x player die at x time, add options where the viewer needs to type an answer or an action to progress the story. type thing?

I wanna make a really good one :smiley:


Unfortunately not, the adventure isn’t codded to work that way. To get something like that, it would require a new system completely. Feel free to suggest it in our feature request section.


Okay thats fine. If i was capable of coding one myself would you be willing to use it?

I’d love to help out in some way if possible.


If it is well codded and people want it, sure.


Awesome, thanks