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Good evening
, I have a simple question, since I have not found a solution after 5 hours.
Is it possible with the phantombot at the command:" ! aliascom! [alias]! setgame [Game]". make a command like:

! aliascom! test! setgame Shell Shock Live Cause every time i try to add it, the result looks like that:
4:06 xRD3Rx:! Aliascom! Test! Setgame Shell Shock Live
4:06 wolvesrudel: @ xRD3Rx, Alias! Test was successfully created for command,! Setgame shell shock live!
4:06 xRD3Rx:! Test 4:06 wolvesrudel: Current game changed to shell!

Maybe someone has an idea?



Try this.

!addcom !test (command setgame) Shell Shock Live Cause


Thanks Man! U helped me alot.


Hey, i got one more Question. Iam able to trigger a specific Zene from my stream through a Chat command of my Mods.

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