Phantombot commands to work in discord


Hello there devs of Phantombot.

I got a question/request.

Is it possible to have a phantombot command work in discord.
up until now the only command that seems to link to each other is the !points command but if i want to run a command in discord like !songrequest and have it reflect in the twitch chat and cost them points, would that be possible?

basically the flow is:
in Discord: i enter a command
in Twitch : the command is executed

and only the linked accounts can execute these commands because they cost points.
I dont know if its already possible but right now i cant seem to figure it out.

Thanks in advance!


Not possible currently. You’d need to write a system to connect the two services, and tie into the current system used to validate Twitch accounts to the corresponding Discord account.

We have zero plans to make a system like this due to various complications and reasons that make it a less than stellar feature to add. So you’d have to be able to implement this on your own.


thank you for the quick response.

and based upon the !points command, can i edit/add custom commands of my own then? where would be a good place to start? as in which are the files that define the commands?( the local folder of phantombot)


Custom commands already work in Discord, however they cannot do what you want them to do. All commands are in the various correlating script files, in the ‘scripts’ sub folder of PhantomBot.


Also a quick in between, the read file command only works with .txt? i try to make the bot paste a image from the addons folder but it doesnt seem to work.

im not sure if im asking too much XD.


thanks ill see what i can cook XD



the (file FILE_NAME) - Uploads a file to Discord. this one , it only works with .txt files, but not with a .png,

so my question is, with what other files does it work or is it only ment to work with .txt files?


Like the documentation I linked says, it’s made to read a text file. That’s all it does, we’re not hiding anything there :stuck_out_tongue:.


since it rreffered to uploading a file my hopes went up :V sorry,… can i ask that to be a feature? XD


Ah, didn’t catch that you swapped variables part way through. The variable (file FILE_NAME) should upload any file that is not over 8MB (Discord limits), and is in the addons folder like the documentation says.

If you’re meeting all the requirements and it’s still not working open a new post in the support/bug reports section. Thanks!