PhantomBot Does Not Respond (Except to !togglewhispermode)


I just set up PhantomBot and while trying to get the points system set up, and even with the commands to set up the messages when one uses !points (and others), PhantomBot (“DerptoiseBot”) gives no response to my commands.


Try going into your bot control panel and pressing the yellow “Reconnect” button.


If by Control Panel you mean the file, the yellow button only minimizes the window.


You can access the control panel here http://localhost:25000/panel while the bot is running. If you don’t remember the password you set at the start of the bot, you can find it under ./config/botlogin.txt


Attempted to use the reocnnect through the panel and the same thing is occurring. I am not receiving a response from PhantomBot.


Take a look at the forum post I linked about modules. The module is simply off.


Okay, thank you very much! It is now working for me. Sorry for the inconvenience and have a great day. :slight_smile:


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