PhantomBot hosted in AWS server isn't usable from remote


First of all English is not my first language, sorry I’ll try my best here.

I tried an intensive search here but didn’t found anything, so let me explain what is happening:

PhantomBot running in a AWS server, when I log into bot from server VM it shows up everything and it is 100% usable but when I log in from my computer it isn’t. It doesn’t show up any info about the channel at dashboard, it doesn’t let me change anything in bot or modify my twitch channel.

Ports already open from the server, I can log in as I said. Don’t know what is happening.


dumb question but is the VM (i think you mean virtual Machine) allowed to connect to the internet? i did this once and dosn’t allowed it to connect :smiley:


Well, is not that because I can connect to it from my computer, also I downloaded a few things from it. Thing is I don’t receive any info from the bot


huh… just to make sure, which ports did you open?


From 25000 to 25005 both types


Just to be sure, since you didn’t specify any OS information like we ask, did you open ports on AWS’ dashboard and on your server? If you’re on a Windows server, you’ll have to open ports 25000-25004/tcp from the Windows firewall, as well from your AWS dashboard. If you’re on Linux, you’ll have to find the firewall command for your specific distribution.

Hope this helps!


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