Phantombot in Docker Container



This is not exactly a “Custom Module”, but I’m not sure where else to put this:

I made a simple running instance of Phantombot in Docker. I’m going to keep it updated for as long as I use Phantombot, so feel free to make use of it and/or suggest improvements.

github: GitHub - SleepyMario/phantombot-docker: Phantombot in a docker container.


…although I see now that there’s what’s probably a much better one based on Alpine Linux in Docker Hub. Regardless, feel free to use it, as I’ll improve the script anyway :slight_smile:

Everything works 100% btw.


It’s a user/third party script adding features. Moving this to a more appropriate category.

Scratch that, category I was looking for appears to have been removed.


All right, I just finished the containers. There are both stable and nightly images available, they’re tiny (today: nightly=96M, stable=130M), and will be renewed every 24h. Beta-panel is included.
Running it is a matter of having/creating a suitable botlogin.txt and all should be set. It runs with a backup cron job included.

Let’s hope someone out there will enjoy it, and thx all for the great work!