PhantomBot Version: 2.3.8-NB-20170818 (Revision: 8fa7d5b)



Not really related to my system alone … when i ran twittersetup it saved the botlogin.txt in the main directory not the config folder


Also when converting over to mysql it gives this error below my guess is that its looking in the main directory too not the config folder

[ERROR] [sqlite2MySql()] Failed to move phantombot.db to phantombot.db.backup: Source ‘phantombot.db’ does not exist


Another error if you do !account without a target

[ERROR] [init.js:298] (, command, ./discord/core/accountLink.js) TypeError: Cannot call method “equalsIgnoreCase” of undefined


Thanks for the reports! Appreciate the concise logs and explanations. Will look into those commands and see what is going on.



No problem any bugs i find ill keep up to date in here so there all in one place also i pushed another fix for more missing classes :slight_smile:


Fixed in 2a01160


When i toggle mod command under points

[08-04-2017 @ 17:15:04.044 BST] [ERROR] [init.js:298] (, command, ./core/panelCommands.js) TypeError: Cannot find function reloadInit in object [object Object].


I know why this the case, but, I may need to talk to Scania about the refactor he did on init.js or read it myself and get my brain around it.



Fixed in 83c8208. Thanks again!


[ERROR] [init.js:298] (, command, ./commands/topCommand.js) TypeError: Cannot call method “equalsIgnoreCase” of null


Error while reading from remote connection: org.java_websocket.exceptions.WebsocketNotConnectedException
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.send(
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.sendFrame(
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.close(
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.decodeFrames(
at org.java_websocket.WebSocketImpl.decode(
at org.java_websocket.server.WebSocketServer$


The !top command is working fine for me.

The WebSocket error is known, I can’t fix it since I do not have the source code, only @IllusionaryOne can fix this.


ya some odd reason 4 of the users names were set to null but i fixed that by re importing my deepbot users


This exception occurs when the connection is dropped unexpectedly, it isn’t that PhantomBot lost the connection. This is an expected exception in certain conditions – I’ve triggered it at times closing my web browser. It tries to send data, but there is nowhere to send it to. I can bury the exception I suppose or print out something different, but, honestly, I’m working on getting rid of that websocket server and moving over to a simpler implementation - been testing it for a while now.

You can try out, in the Nightly, a different websocket server implementation by placing the following into botlogin.txt:


From what I can tell on my VPS, it seems to be faster, but that could be my imagination as I haven’t officially timed it. The following are but a few reasons I am looking to move to this:

  1. The SSL issues with the current websocket server implementation. I’ve hacked in a few fixes, but people still seem to have issues.
  2. Simplicity. This newer code is a bit more compact. It was missing a lot of error handling, but I added that in.
  3. Cleaner. The newer code is cleaner and it is easier to determine the object functionality.


Added so w will see i guess


Cool, been hoping someone else would test that out besides me.


well can’t work out bus if no one test stuff Kappa i love being a ginny pig


[08-17-2017 @ 20:27:06.920 BST] [ERROR] [init.js:306] (, webPanelSocketUpdate, ./discord/commands/customCommands.js) TypeError: Cannot find function unregisterCommand in object [object Object].

[08-17-2017 @ 20:44:56.191 BST] [ERROR] [onEvent()] Failed to dispatch event tv.phantombot.event.twitter.TwitterRetweetEvent


Also (embed) no longer works… i was going to make a new thread about that not working with the new discord but seems like i cant make new threads in the nightly area

oh also the logs for discord are broken in the latest update


This is because I changed the embed to use spaces under the JDA library when commas were causing heartburn. Now that we are on Discord4J either need to support spaces and commas or just commas…

Any thoughts on that? Would both be good? Only commas? Only spaces? Pipes instead just to mix it up?