PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.1


Small glitch


Edit: ignore this, it’s ok in Chrome, ffs.


This should be the same for chrome, chrome may handle it differently, but it’s intended.


Hello thank you for the pretty new control panel. For some reason I cannot access any panels/tabs at keywords and below. Did I miss a setting somewhere?


Seems like you might have an older version of the control panel, make sure you update to the latest version. The only tab that is currently locked is the giveaways tab, which is because it isn’t complete yet.


Thank you that seems to be the issue. and now looks like 2.4.1 is out now so i’ll update that as well


When using the beta panel, if you tab off bot and back into game, recent events seems to scroll back to the beginning of time. When you tab back and scroll up, as soon as you tab back out same thing happens


The recent events automatically update if your mouse isn’t hovered over them, they shouldn’t be scrolling back to the start. You can enable the reverse sort option for events, which is located under the top right cogs panel.