PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.1


The panel currently has too many things that are only halfway done, and it would only work on the nightly build.


Are you still getting this issue?


Yes, as of Saturday the 11th.


I am aware of all the shortcomings and I ask you to publish a beta version of the panel in its current raw form, compatible only with nightly build. We all miss the update so much)


To back up Scania here, unless he changes his mind, the build for that is private and internal for reasons. There are many pieces that are really not completed and at times I have to roll back to a previous check-in to continue testing it in a “live” bot. We totally get the desire to see the changes that have been poured into it but, we also want to ensure that we have time to focus on internal testing and resolving issues with those features before releasing to the wild.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Could you send me your database via a forum message? Be sure that the bot is off first.



Just sent! Hope it helps!


If you create a command in custom Commands tab, and then delete that command without leaving the tab, the command does not disappear from the list of commands until you reload the tab. If you leave the custom Commands tab after creating a command, then return to this tab and delete that command, it correctly disappears from the list of commands. I didn’t test another tabs like Aliases etc. Just a note, feel free to ignore this imperfect.

UPD. The above is true only for commands with a name consisting entirely of numbers.

[ERROR] [handleMessage()] PanelSocketServer::JSONException(JSONArray[1] not a string.): {"socket_event":"custom_command_remove_ws","script":"./commands/customCommands.js","args":{"arguments":"null","args":["remove",1234567890]}}


What browser is this on?


I just found out that Chrome for iOS doesn’t use the same engine as desktop Chrome. Therefore consider that the issue is settled (this is provided that the desktop Chrome, which I do not have, hasn’t this bug).


I see why this issue could happen, it’s because your command name is just numbers, if you try with a string it might be fine. I’ll see if I can push a fix.


Yes, I mentioned that. Thank you in advance.


Will be fixed in the next release.


This will be fixed in our next release.


Just wondering why my viewers dont get loyalty points? I put it that when they follow they get 10 wich they get but I also put it that when im online the viewers should get 1 per minute but in the leaderboard no one is passing past the 10 they got from following.


If they’re already following they won’t get the points, also make sure to have the alert toggled on or it won’t work.


The points module is toggled on. The followers do get the 10 for following but no one is getting points for watching eventhough I set it as 1 point per minute watched.


I have some guess. Set the same value for offline payment, test it during stream online and report the result here.


After you enter the wrong game name in Beta Panel Dashboard, it gets stuck there even if you try to change it (this can be seen after reloading Dashboard page). However game change actually occurs (this can be seen in native Twitch Dashboard).
As far as I know, game name auto-fill will be added in the next release. I hope this bug is no longer relevant.


One more thing:
Even if the Links filter is disabled you still have Permit action in your Dashboard. It would be great (and logically) if the Permit button will be disabled/removed due to the Links filter is not active.
Alternatively, the bot could warn the user about the Links filter is off via red toast message in Dashboard.