PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.1


Setting it 1 for offline wont change anything. The leaderboard is still filled with people only with 10 tokens wich they got for following. Nothing gets added when someone is watching.


PhantomBot Version: 2.4.1
Stock PhantomBot: Yes + Beta Panel

(commandcostlist) tag shows all default and custom commands you’ve ever edited in Commands section (even if you don’t change commands’ cost), so the list is filled with commands that cost nothing:

MyBotName: !enter: 10 points, !up: 0 points, !age: 0 points, !paycommands: 0 points, !hey: 0 points, !8ball: 0 points, !commands: 0 points, !botcommands: 0 points


This doesn’t seem related to the Control Panel, if you are not seeing them gain points at all. If this is a case where you see points in the current Control Panel but not in the Beta, then that is different. Can you open a different thread and perhaps look through the forums where people have reported this same item in the past and there are some troubleshooting steps mentioned?



This is more of a suggestion that I’ve received from bigger twitch channels that have faster moving chats…

Currently on the beta panel the chat window is quite small in height, which makes it difficult to keep up with chat and makes missing messages more likely.
Granted they could just pop out chat but wouldn’t it make more sense to provide a dashboard layout that already caters to their needs? I’m sure even smaller channels would still appreciate this.

The other parts of the dashboard such as stream titles, aren’t things commonly referred to during the stream, whereas chat definitely is constantly looked at so should be prioritized in space in my opinion.

Just as an example, I’ve moved a few things around to better explain a more ideal layout. Needs more work but the general idea is there. :slightly_smiling_face:


We do plan on making things draggable on the main page later on once the panel is done, so everyone can set it how they like.


Great, good to know.

I look forward to it. :smile:


If you look here I try to activate several modules but each time it says they specific module isnt disabled meaning I assume its already enabled. When you look at commands like !top and !queue list however it shows I get no responce whatsoever as if the module isnt active. Maybe this has anything to do with my viewers not receiving points when active in chat and not showing up in the list eventhough some have 50 and the rest 10.


It seems like you’re confusing !enablecom and !disablecom with !module enable and !module disable.


That is correct, !enablecom doesn’t enable modules.

Regarding points, the module doesn’t look to be on as the !points command isn’t working. The module does the accumulation of points.


It works now thanks to someone coming in chat pointing me out what you guys did. Sorry for my incompetence!