PhantomBot's New Control Panel: Beta v1.2


I’ll take a look into it, thanks!


One more, i added audiohook command with global cooldown of 60 seconds, but moderator can override this cooldown and spam it, not sure this is a bug or not.


Try !cooldown togglemoderators, that should stop moderators ignoring the cooldown.


Clean pb 2.4.2 + beta-panel 1.2


Unable to download the beta panel due to an invalid SSL certificate.


@Jonathan_Rodgers Hey there, this issue should be resolved now! Thanks for telling us and sorry for the issues this may have caused!


I’m not sure if anyone has suggested this, but I was thinking it would be cool if we could use our webcams to stream our faces while we stream from console instead of using the Kinect/PS Camera. Not sure if that’s possible.

Another thing is that it’d be nice if, when you go from your dashboard to any other tab, and back to the dashboard, the chat wouldn’t get erased. I miss comments sometimes, and on the Xbox One, it’s almost impossible to get anything good from Twitch.


That’s not something this bot could do? You’d almost certainly need to get a capture card or use a “hack” method to stream. I know on xbox you can stream from your xbox to your pc using the Windows 10 Xbox app, and then you can use OBS to broadcast to twitch. Don’t know if PS has anything like that, but you’d most certainly need to be able to send whatever is on your PS’s screen to your PC. That’s the only way.


you’d most certainly need to be able to send whatever is on your PS’s screen to your PC. That’s the only way.

Just as a quick point of order, my understanding is that there’s already a share “app” on the PS4 that connects to Twitch or Ustream and just allows you to stream directly from the console without a PC involved.


You’re correct.

But the person wants to use a webcam as well:

Which is impossible without the involvement of a PC and sending the video feed or stream to said PC.


This menu is broken, save button does nothing.


something the devs need to fix

VM316:251 Uncaught ReferenceError: massGiftSubMessage is not defined
VM398:251 Uncaught ReferenceError: massGiftSubReward is not defined

here is a temp fix PhantomBot\web\beta-panel\js\pages\alerts\alerts.js (66.2 KB)

Issue with saving Sub loyalty points, but not followers
Can't save changes in Subscriber Alerts

Hey there! Just installed today. I’m hyped to be able to edit lang files from the dashboard. However, it seems like it won’t load the fourth chapter of my adventures, only 1 thru 3. I can still edit the other ones just fine, but it doesn’t show the successful lines I wrote. Thanks!


Hey there, could you upload your adventure lang file here as well with a screenshot of your issues so I can try to reproduce it and apply a fix.



How to send on twitter channel directly in new panel ??


There is not a direct way to do it like with the current Control Panel. Keep in mind that this is a Beta and not complete. You can still post via chat with !twitter post Message to go to Twitter.


Going to fix not being able to use the localization part of the panel in other characters other than English ones.


hello I wish the beta panel that you can freely arrange the widget as the normal dashboard with twitch chat and edit the size manually, I find the twitch chat quite small and can not change it.


I do believe this has been thought and that panel is still in beta so things may always change also i changed mine to be like below


it looks like it to me and can not do it like for example with you