(playsound) for Greetings


Would love for the (playsound) function to work in greetings. I see some variables already work, like (name), but the (playsound Soundhookname) displays as text.

I’ve tried to come up with a solution with commands, but right now Phantombot is not listening to himself, so keywords or commands cannot be triggered from the greeting message.




im not sure if im right but i do think you need to be running ip:port/alert for sounds but i could be wrong


Sounds works everywhere else. It works with (playsound whaawhaa) in commands and Keywords, but if I put it in a greeting, It shows as text.

My greeting being : Hello (name), welcome to the channel. (playsound whaawhaa)

It diaplays : Hello GameNow_TV, welcome to the channel. (playsound whaawhaa)

So I made a keyword on GameNow_TV with the following action : Playing your custom sound (playsound whaawhaa)

But the bot does not listen to himself. The message+sound triggers when I manually input in the chat : Hey GameNow_TV! (From my own account) But when the bot greets saying : Hey GameNow_TV it does not trigger the Keyword action.

So I made a commands !gntvintro and the greetings I change for !gntvintro. Again the bot does not listen to itself.

My only solution right now would have to have a second bot to have a greeting that whispers a commands to phantombot that would trigger the command I want.


if you make it as a command the do (command cmdname) or command:cmdname does eather of them work?


To be honest, not really sure how to do that.

I’m using DBBrowser for SQLite to edit the greeting message.

I input text as I would in normal commands. I’m trying to figure out what variables it can read. So far just (name) seems to be taken in concideration as all others displays as text : (uptime) (game) (status) (viewers) (downtime) (sender)

I thought that (name) might have been a Twitch command replacing it for the user’s name, but no. Tried to type (name) directly in the chat and nothing happened.

Thus the requested feature could be updated to allow other variables and functions into the Greeting function)


editing the database is a bad idea its best to use the panel and if the bot is online when you do edits it could break the database and yes only (name) works in there by the looks of the greetingSystem.js file


I know bout that. I backed up the whole thing before playing, but the panel don’t allow to edit greetings, it can only be done by the user itself via the !greeting commands in chat.

But I think I understand the relation where (name) fetches the username from the same table. It’s the only value in the phantombot_greeting table (in addition to the greeting message). Thus making it the only variable readable in the commands.

Ok I’ll try to come up with a script or something to go fetch an audiohook from the phantombot_audiohook table and trigger the (playsound) somehow. Might be my only option there if I don’t want to use a second bot.