Points commands don't work


I’ve reported in the past that I was having issues with the !makeitrain and !points add all commands as well as the bot failing to disperse points every X minutes.

It was advised that the database may have an issue, so I started fresh and transposed the points tables to a fresh install and database.

The commands worked! The bot started dispersing points to stream viewers.

For one session. The next time I started her up, she refused to do either. No points were being dispersed and the blanket commands had ceased to work again.

Just as before, I can still target a user with the command and give points in that way.

All other points function, core or custom are working fine otherwise.

No other commands seem to suffer any issues.

There are no errors being logged in console or logfile.

Any help would be appreciated.


when you close the bot down do you use the control panel or do you just close the cmd window?


No, when I shut down the bot I use ctrl-c in the console and let the bot run it’s 5 second shut down process, consistently. I use Linux for my streaming so the bot sits in a guake tab most of the time.

There’s been the odd time in the past where the computer lost power or some such, but Not since I transposed everything; she’s been running like a top since I did that.


We’ll need a bit more information, like errors logs, the version of the bot, the OS version, etc. Also, how many viewers do you average? Just want to do some local testing. Are you trying to issue commands via the panel or the chat?


I’ll post errorlogs shortly. I average less than 15 viewers.

The os is Linux mint 18.

The bot is previous stable to current latest.

I issue commands via chat, never via the panel.


So I stream every Friday.
I’m noticing a simple pattern in the logs.

[10-17-2017 @ 10:08:56.681 GMT] [updateCache()@TwitchCache.java:279] TwitchCache::updateCache:

That appears a lot which says the cache is …not updating.

Friday the 17th, we have this:

[10-17-2017 @ 07:00:56.540 GMT] Executed xp payouts. Users: xpfairy(1), dungeonmasterca(1)

to this

[10-17-2017 @ 20:41:56.628 GMT] Executed xp payouts. Users: xpfairy(1), dungeonmasterca(1)

The cache never updates the viewer list.

Next week is the 24th and we have…

[10-24-2017 @ 07:00:26.827 GMT] Executed xp payouts. Users: none

thru to

[10-25-2017 @ 05:40:26.958 GMT] Executed xp payouts. Users: none

in the same log file. Never updates, never changes.

I’ll keep digging around. There’s not much else; some missing gifs for commands, etc; and this shows up at random:
[10-21-2017 @ 06:06:32.562 GMT] [init.js:308] (hook.call, ircChannelMessage, ./handlers/keywordHandler.js) InternalError: Can’t find method java.lang.String.replace(org.mozilla.javascript.ConsString,org.mozilla.javascript.Undefined). (misc.js#668)

You guys want me to post the log files? I can zip them up…


You changed the points name, meaning !points will no longer work, it will be !points_name. We only get the chatters Twitch sends us, if Twitch doesn’t send anything we cannot do much about it. Try using debugon in the console to see if the bot see new users who join the channel.


The !points command actually does work.

I know the bot is seeing new people arriving because I wrote a piece of code to announce folks as they arrive, and it works tickety boo.


Can you show me your points payout settings on the control panel?


Yes of course; I’ll post a screenshot as soon as I’m back home.



Try this.

Click the “Delete Names” button, then restart the bot, then set top points name to xp and the second to xps, and click save. Making both the same name can break bot functionality.


K, done.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see :slight_smile:

I don’t know that this was causing the issue, but fingers crossed!

What about the caching issue though? Is there any way I could force the cache to pull names from Twitch? Can I affect the cache at all? Like, let’s say if I built a viewer list myself and wanted to populate the cache with them?

Is there a possibility that I’ve affected the cache in some fashion?


Cache generated from Java, it pulls Twitch’s viewer list every 15 minutes, we also listen to Twitch’s IRC JOIN and PART events which only work in channels with less than 100 viewers. There’s no way to break this unless you modify the core.


Which I don’t do, so that’s out.

So there’s no way for me to populate the cache with a custom script?


There is not, no.


K, cause I’m seeing error [update cache] Java 279 etc.

What’s line 279?


That’s another cache, it can error at times if Twitch is having slowdowns on their API. The user list cache is ViewerListCache.java. The cache is probably working fine, it’s something with the points system, also, make sure that you’re running the latest version of the bot (


Is there a guide to ‘properly’ upgrading?