Points for donating bits?


Did you ever get a reply from Twitch re: this thread ?

If not, can it be added with a warning that Twitch might have a problem with it? Or be released as an additional module or something, not packaged with PhantomBot by default?

I would add it myself, but I don’t know any Java.




As you saw, on Twitch’s TOS they state this:

You may not sell or transfer Bits to other users of the Twitch Service, or offer Bits in exchange for real or virtual currencies or any other consideration or items of value whether inside or outside of the Twitch Service.

We have not gotten a reply back from Twitch, so no, we will not add this to PhantomBot. Could you edit the script and do it yourself? Yes. However we don’t recommend that, as you and your bot account could both get their channels terminated.

Have a nice day,