Pokemon/Waifu Game (discontinued)


This is a repost of my recently known Pokemon and Waifu Scripts.

The waifu script is a collectible character game that allows you to collect, level, battle and customize your favorite characters from different games and anime on your Twitch channel.

These scripts have also been created to be customizable to the point of changing it from Pokemon to Digimon or to Persona or whatever you want through the lang files.

You can see more details and access the script through our custom modules page on github. Just download the entire zip and both waifu and pokemon scripts will be included in the zip.

Download: https://github.com/PhantomBot/custom-modules/archive/master.zip

!buycandy discounting more than it should
Trying to get the pokemon game on my phantom bot for twitch, please help!

Hi there. Hopefully you can help. I’m getting an error that says 07-02-2017 @ 22:24:21.554 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:327] (hook.call, initReady, ./games/waifuGames.js) TypeError: Cannot read property “2” from null.

I get this error only when I replace the waifuList.js with another custom waifuList. I have been up and down both the one provided with the program as well as the one I made to make absolutely sure that there are no formatting or other possible differences, and there aren’t any. The only difference I can find is that there is a different number of waifus. Do I need to go into the main waifuGames.js file to change something if I change the number of waifus in the list? Any ideas?


Needs to have a parenthesis with something in it
like how i have Pokemon with their generation next to thier name


Thanks I fixed it… turns out I missed one space after all. I have one more quick question. Is there a way to have any of the language outputs return either 1) a random viewer or 2) a random waifu from the list in them?


Also, since I understand this is probably pretty time consuming to mess with, is there any way I could donate for you to add something minor to it? That being the ability to have each level up add stats.


That’s fine. Hit me on discord


hi! i downloaded it and installed it on my stream and it was a big hit! just one big issue…the candy cost was set to “0” and my users bought like 10k each. same with the cost to buy pokemon, all pokemon cost were zero and they could just buy legendaries. so now i need to reset the bot (deleting the addons files and reinstalling them should work right?) and i have a feeling there was some additional setup on my end i overlooked. didnt see it in the documentation though. can you help me?


You gotta !pricecom those commands, they are not preset.

and to reset the data you will need to either reset your DB or use SQLBrowser and delete anything relating to the script.


using sqlbrowser, any info on that? im not the most experienced and the archive from the old site is no longer available


google it. Download it. Run it. Drop your phantombot.db into it and find anything relating to pokemon and delete it. Save. and start the bot with the edited DB.


thanks! appreciate you answering my stupid questions :smiley:


No problem.


back again! didnt see anything in the db about pokemon, but there was a waifu list (which i didnt download). assuming this was it as you made both scripts and there are similar. is there a way to check a users candy to see if it worked?


with !candy


Also delete anyone’s username you see, that contains the data.


ok, will do that. will let you know :slight_smile:


db reset, point costs in place. all good brother, thanks for the assist


No problem.


one more thing, is there any way to enable the pokemon game while the channel is offline?


Looking at the code here:

I think perhaps you would need to edit the code which uses the following method: