Pokemon/Waifu Game (discontinued)


So this for example i think might work:



Hey, first of all i love the pokemon system and thanks for it!. Ive priced both the buycandy and the buypokemon commands but for some reason it will only take points from the user when they use buycandy, buypokemon still takes no points even though ive made sure there was a cost set, its probably me being stupid but can you give me any suggestions? Thanks.


glad you could figure it out! however i am a nub and have no idea what to do with that :stuck_out_tongue:



I have installed the pokémon script yesterday but some commands don’t seem to be working. !pokefile won’t work, !battle won’t work. Is this still supported?



!pokefile is now profile as for battle… does it give you an error?


PhantomCombo an idea… for the !catch command is there any way to make it only work if a pokemon spawns into the chat or you can do like !tallgrass and number of points to spawn a random pokemon???

the screen shot is from a bot i saw in someone else chat


Hi! I just got the Waifu game to work (apparently you can’t run both at the same time, which is fine because my chat loves it more than the Pokemon one) but we’re having trouble with finding out the full list of Waifu available (I know it’s on the backend but would be nice to have a webpage listing it or a Google Doc to easily link), along with the list of Waifu you’ve seduced. Is there a command I missed?

Thanks for an awesome minigame!


Another thing we encountered, is there a way to restrict people to battling Waifu with others that are within the same level range? (+/-5 or something) so people don’t battle unwitting low levels and destroy them all the time? or possibly a way to have a confirmation system (Do you want to battle? Yes/No)?



You can’t display all the waifus someone owns as it’s too much information to display on chat. For the list use the characlist.txt file in your botfolder thats generated and make your own googledoc.


if a lvl 20 or higher tries to battle anyone below 20 it will prevent them


Ok so that txt file shows all waifu’s but can we get something to show what Waifu’s each person has? even just the numbers so they know what Waifu options they have to add in their harem?


Unless you want to spam your screen with a users collection using text files… There is no way unless I create a webpage that connects to the database and displays it. Obviously I’m not doing that.

That’s more work than it needs to be. I don’t have the time to spend on it.


I recently installed the pokemon game and my viewers are loving it.

However, they noticed that the !giftpokemon command is a little buggy.

When a pokemon was given to another person, it was automatically put into their team, but the receiver could not remove the pokemon from their team. The bot would give them a “You do not currently have this pokemon” response. Even though !team clearly showed that it was in their team. And also, the gifter would still have the pokemon in their possession even though they gifted it away.

Is there any way to fix this or work around it?


best bet would be to add the waifu game instead and change the wording to match pokemon as its a more up to date version of the same game


Hey there, im still having trouble with getting the !buypokemon and !buycandy command to take points away from the user. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


set a cost on the command in the web panel


Thanks for the reply! I have them both set but it doesn’t take the points when the command is used.


If I change it, would it mess up or reset the current database of the pokemon that people have already caught?

I would prefer if I could keep the same data, because my viewers have spent a lot of their points during my stream to catch stuff and I would hate to reset it because of this bug. :confused:


That data would be pretty easy to move over if that was to happen its just a rename of a database if so


Is there any way to get this to work on Discord?