Pokemon/Waifu Game (discontinued)


I’m having this same issue. Setting costs via the web panel does nothing for these commands.


r u using the newest update?


I am using the most recent version of the code direct from github, version 1.5.5

Pricecom not working for the Pokemon/Waifu game

Line 925 var price = $.inidb.get('pricecom', 'buycandy'); is the cost so it is there maybe remove the cost and re add it???


So here is what I did to fix it. Deleted the cost. Shut down the bot. Relaunched, readded the cost. Shut down the bot and restarted fresh with the cost in the database. This fixed the issue for me. Thanks for the help!


Hey, so I’m trying to use the Waifu script with MySQL but it’s not quite working. I started a separate thread with logging and all sorts of hopefully helpful information. Has anyone been able to get this working in MySQL?


Thanks in advance.


Is there separate txt file that is generated that list what pokemon/waifu each person has, my characterlist txt file only list all the pokemon itself and could not located another file related. or is that being held by the database? I’m not look for one that spams the chat or anything just a list that I can see and maybe use to post manually or update a online docs with.

thx for the help in advance


sorry to bother everyone on this… but looking for a fix or a workaround to the !addharem command for the waifu game. It does not seem to work … !resetharm works. but can’t add anything to the harem. newest version of phantom bot. with the files above… suggestions… please… I a few viewers that would love to play the game.


I just installed this game, it seems to be running, but I am a little confused. Am I to understand there is no config panel in the Bot panel like for other games? Do we have to configure all by command line? Trying to understand how I customize this? I kind of wanna customize with World of Final Fantasy characters, but I’m not getting how we do that.



There’s no control panel for this script, everything you want to change would have to be done by editing the script itself.


Ah ok I thought that might be the case, This will be interesting then for me, I’m not a programmer or anything. Does anyone know why there are two waifulist .js files? there is a waifulist and waifulist2. Are those both used? Could I delete one and just use one? Have not been able to find info on that.

For someone who is very limited in code, would it be simpler to modify Waifu or the Pokemon game? For what I am trying to do? Which is have a World of Final Fantasy version.


Ok I have been editing and doing such, but I found editing the Pokemon version much easier for what I am doing. The Waifu was just too much info.

Question I have is, in the Attacks.js where you have the attack attributes, and you use !attribute to set their attribute, I want all of a certain waifu to have the same type, so Earth ones would all be Earth. Anyway to make it so each waifu in the list is already attributed and that it cannot be changed?


For your question about waifulist and waifulist2 you can just copy waifulist2 to the end of waifulist or just use the waifulist and make it as long as you need it


So i installed this, but its only giving people and myself the chance to catch missingo, Pokemon #0
Pokemon List is in lang folder so, any idea why this is a thing ?

Everything else seems to work.



Hello! Thanks for the great script.
I think I found a bug with the !buycandy. Apparently, if the bought is too big (like 20 candies f.x. or even the !buycandy alone that use every point to buy candies), the script don’t know how to save the difference.

So, let’s say the price is 25 per candy. If the difference after buying a certain amount of candies is less 25 points, the system simply make those leftover points disappear and the user ends with 0 points (and every candy that was bought). Anyone have an idea about how to fix it?

Thank you!

Images: https://bit.ly/2JwRTum


Hello, I recently started using this Bot (The new version not this one), but I cannot set up a cost for the buypokemon command using !pricecom, or the Cost section in the bot console. It will simply not take it. I’m not an expert in coding, could you tell me the steps you used to “delete the cost”. Or maybe I’m using the wrong syntax when using PriceCom (i.e !pricecom buypokemon ).



BTW, this is what I get when I run the command:

[12-31-2018 @ 20:43:07.857 GMT] santikus: !pricecom buypokemon 0
[12-31-2018 @ 20:43:07.864 GMT] [CHAT] @Santikus, The price for !buypokemon has been set to 0 points.
[12-31-2018 @ 20:43:07.879 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:317] (hook.call, command, ./commands/customCommands.js) TypeError: Cannot find default value for object.


Can you open a separate ticket with the version of PhantomBot and the rest of the information (OS, Java version) and would you mind checking to see if running !pricecom on other commands fails. I am presently able to use !primecom command 0 and it is working in my development environment - so not sure if it is this script in particular or if there is some other issue.


Thanks for the reply!

Well actually, this Script uses “Candy” as a currency. I think internally it’s still the same points system but reskinned to look like the pokemon Candy’s of the game. I may be wrong, and it will need a separate command, but I see somebody on this thread fixed it using the Pricecom just fine. I’ll open a new thread to put on the details.

Thanks again!


FYI. This is the person who fixed it and the solution he/she provided, but I don’t know how to “delete the cost/readd cost”

“Line 925 var price = $.inidb.get('pricecom', 'buycandy'); is the cost so it is there maybe remove the cost and re add it???”
“So here is what I did to fix it. Deleted the cost. Shut down the bot. Relaunched, readded the cost. Shut down the bot and restarted fresh with the cost in the database. This fixed the issue for me. Thanks for the help!”