Poll system timing bug


The “seconds” field says the default (if left blank) is until it is manually closed, but it is actually defaulting to 60 seconds.

If you define the time as 0 it still announces the time in chat:

“started a poll for 0 seconds (minimum votes: 1): This poll is better than the previous poll! Use “!vote [option]” to vote. Options: 1) yes 2) no”

Poll closes after 60 seconds

Also, the results of the “!poll results” command are not very human readable;

[Last Poll] - [Question: “This poll is better than the previous poll”] - [Total Votes: 3] - [Result: “yes”] - [Options: “yes, no”] [Votes: 3, 0]

Having options and votes separated makes users have to compare and memorize both lists. Why not streamline things and have something like: Yes: 3, No: 0 ?

no need to have options and votes split.


The first is a bug that we can investigate. The second is a feature request. File properly.



Thanks @IllusionaryOne I’ll post the other note as a feature request.



Thanks, sir! Sorry for short reply earlier. Work is cooking my noodle.



Haha, no worries! :smiley:



Fixed in b4114a6


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