Post Tweets from Twitter to Discord Channel



Hello Folks,

So as it stands PB has the ability to post to Twitter and to Discord, when you go live, separately.

The important thing is that it has access to both.

What I would like to see is the ability for PB to follow a Twitter User and forward any tweets from that user into a discord channel.

At the moment, I need all kinds of faff to get this to work, between webhooks, 3rd party bots with little to no documentation or support. It would be nice to have all this functionality with a single bot, and one that I use 24/7 already.

What would be even better is to have all the above AND the ability to post to a Telegram group, but I can hold off on that for the moment if its too much.

What do you all think?

Swart Skaap


This post is about the opposite of your request but it kind of seems to have the answer you’re looking for.


That’s perfect @UsernamesSuck not sure why I never saw that to begin with!

Now if only it would post to Telegram too!


Hi! Do you mean the Telegram application, which is separate from Twitter? If so, please open a Feature Request for that particular service. This Feature Request contains two items which makes it difficult for us to figure out what is being voted for. If it is something else, perhaps you can explain it further.

To the following of a Twitter User and forwarding their Tweets; they would have to agree to their Tweets being used according to the Twitter Developer Terms of Service. It is one thing when they Tweet at the account that is re-posting as it is property of the originator and the one(s) receiving the message, but a different thing to scrape Tweets from an account and post those without their explicit permission. Just following an account is not a source of permission. Posting from a private account is discouraged (there is a reason they have their account private) and you have to delete Tweets if they are deleted from the user timeline. That is something I am not sure we want to try to implement.

The other challenge there is the Twitter API rate limits and how many accounts you plan on having a bot read from. First, you can only pull followers 15 times in 15 minutes, the results are paginated, so, essentially, you have to figure out how many followers there are and then paginate and hit the API endpoint appropriately. You do get 900 opportunities in 15 minutes to poll user timelines at least, and that includes your own. So, depending on how many folks you want to poll, that might have to be broken up.



Thanks for your reply.

The Telegram App, yes - Ill open a new FR for that.

I am forwarding tweets from my own Twitter account. :slight_smile:

Swart Skaap