Project Lagertha - custom UI/UX redesign



As the old forum went down, so did my old thread regarding this project. I guess that was for the best though, as I had a rather long break from the project due to IRL stuff anyway. I am back in action now, and ready to continue developing this UI/UX revamp! I invite you all to come try it out.

For more information/pictures you can read the readme on Github here, or visit my homepage at

Issues are to be posted on Github or here on the forum, suggestions can be posted here or messaged directly to me on Discord. You can find me under the handle Mindful#2110 on Discord, as well as on the PhantomBot Discord server.

If you want to know more about Mindful Design do check out my homepage or follow me on Twitter or on Twitch (user name MindfulDesign).


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