PUBG tracker script in chat


ya i just seen that one i didnt realise i had \r\n in the twitch one Kappa




what do you mean with “Also make sure that the module is enabled.” ? which module and how do I check if it’s enabled?


!module enable ,/custom/pub.js

Beyond that, I didn’t write this script and cannot provide support for it.


For anyone getting errors or anything in this command its due to the fact that PUBG API is currently disabled. until the new leader-boards are released


I used your twitch-script and !pubg works, but I get no answer with !pubg NICKNAME or !pubg NICKNAME solo eu… why ?


This has now been fixed now pubg has enabled there api once again <3


With the way that pubgtracker is always changing there api code i will no longer be support this as i dont have time to keep up with the changes


It’s a pity, it was a good feature :frowning:


Sorry dude blame the programmers of the api