Question: Automatic stream alerts for ranks ? Possible?



is it possible to make an automatic alert for ranks which will be displayed at the stream ? (not in chat)
When its possible how can i make this ?

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Its very resource intensive, till you find a good algorithm. You have to check every minute, if a user has the amount of minutes, for his next rank (or something like this) or save a list of last rank and check for changes.

Send this information as JSON to your front-end (the webpage that will be added as Browser-Source). Display the information from the JSON as a custom alert.

Maybe check the algorithm for the (“Promote to Regular Viewer”). I think you can get many things for your ranks (cause “Regular Viewer” is something like a rank)


Thank you very much for your information :slight_smile: I am not a programer because it is very difficult for me. First time, I will check the “Promote to Regular Viewer” algorithm. I would be glad if I could get a little bit help.

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