Raffle System from the POV of a Moderator and a Streamer


The biggest issue that I have, that I have not seen listed in other posts about the raffle system is the announcing of the winner.

The #1 line of defense against bots that have entered your raffle is you do not announce the winner in chat. It is very simple to write an IRC bot that can read chat, recognize its own name, and respond.

#2 line of defense is using a claim word that the streamer either shows on stream or says on stream. I don’t personally know of any bots that scrape video or audio for these words, so that may be enough to compensate for my point above. But having the claim word functionality in the bot would be excellent. Generating a claim word from a preset dictionary would be fine, and displaying it under the proposal below would be handy.

Now I would just modify my bot to remove the message entirely, but then I am left without a clear UI on stream to show the winner’s name and prove it was chosen by Phantombot. The panel should have a safe region that displays entries, and when drawn, the winner so that we can easily show that on stream.

To recap:

  • I’d like to see chat announcement of the winner name removed or changed to a toggle.
  • I’d like to see the raffle panel tweaked to be clean for capture and streaming in some way.
  • I’d like to have a generated claim word displayed near the winner name on said capturable version of the raffle panel.

I realize that some of what I’ve said above is a preference issue. But it is all rooted in security. As a moderator of a few channels that run raffles where bots have been a plague, the above are steps we’ve had to implement and those streamers have even switched between bots multiple times looking for a better system.

I like Phantombot and really don’t want to add another bot next to it, or replace it with another just because of raffles. That would be silly. I’d rather see improvements.

If I can get a good handle on JS (most work I’ve done is c based scripting in games and PHP on the web), I’m willing to try and make these changes myself. Is this anything you’d like me to submit if I am successful before the next version of the raffle system is published?


Why not just comment out the message?

Use a command alias for this.

For this you can setup a system to pull the data from your database. I made a tool for my friend awhile back, idk if I still have it. But it was a simple jar file that connected to his bot and allowed him to host and view giveaways without being in the panel.

I did this by using the HTTP API, which returns JSON. It wouldn’t be hard to create a local html file that pulls the raffle data and formats it into a table imho.