Raffle / Ticket Raffle number of entries command and raffle entry notification


I’m currently running a ticket raffle that I want to have run for a full week, and it would be great if there were a way to remotely monitor that. A command like !raffle entries or !traffle entries that prints out the number of entrants for a raffle or number of entrants and tickets for a ticket raffle would be very handy. Example output: “The current raffle has 15 entries” or “The current ticket raffle has 15 entries with 54 tickets”

The command could even be a bit more generic like !raffle details which might be handy for moderators to use as a way of letting the channel know there is an active raffle, and also let people know what kind of participation there is.

“There is a follower-only raffle active with 15 entries. To enter, type !..”

“There is a follower-only ticket raffle active with 15 entries and 54 tickets. Tickets cost 100 points and are limited to 5. To enter, type !..”

That would be useful as there is currently no way to announce or indicate that a raffle is active. (auto announce is broken, filing a bug report on that in a moment) This is more of an issue with longer term raffles that run for a number of days.

It would also be great if there were a way for the bot to whisper to users to let them know they have successfully entered the raffle, and with how many tickets. Right now there is no bot response when a user enters a raffle, which us understandable as it would flood the channel when you have a lot of people entering. But because there is no response I am frequently getting request from users like “am I in the raffle” or “how many tickets did I enter with” etc. Most users are assuming their entry attempt failed since they get no response, so they start bugging mods/me.

Having the bot whisper each user as they enter would provide transparency into raffle entrants and lower the resource requirements for myself and moderators.



Doesn’t the panel allow you to see the entries? I also made a UI (for a friend) to open/handle his raffles… Might be able to do some edits and release it to the public.

As for making the command, there’s already code in the script that runs on a timer saying how many entries are in the raffle. Just re-use that but place it in a sub command of !raffle or !traffle.

Doesn’t the timed message also handle this?

The bot cannot reliably whisper twitch users at the moment (thanks twitch). You’re welcome to edit in a message yourself, but don’t make it whisper.


The panel shows who has entered, but that’s not something I have remote access to when not on my home network (fixing that soon). But it would be nice for mods or other users to be able to see the participation as well. A simple echo in chat would handle that nicely.

The timed message is currently broken (bug filed) but it wold be nice if there were a way to trigger that message.

Ah, I was not aware that twitch made whispering problematic, that’s too bad.

Thanks again!



Problem with echoing it into the chat is twitch has limitations.

Twitch allows approx 512 characters in chat (give or take). The worst part is, now, twitch doesn’t show you the “You have exceeded the max characters” message. Your message simply doesn’t appear.


Notice how only one of the two messages full of 1’s are shown. That’s because the second was over the limit while the first was not.

As for the timed message, as I said before, you could simply copy the logic into a command.


The message for traffle or raffle would not need to be very long. Something to the effect of:

“The current raffle has 10 entries”

“The current ticket raffle has 10 entries with 32 tickets”

I was not intending to echo out the names of all the users.


Once again, you can copy the code that already exists and put it in a command.


I think there is some confusion here. My goal is not to achieve this locally via customization but to encourage a global change to the bot to expand upon its existing functionality and add more value to all users. IE: Make the bot better for all.


I mean, I just don’t see a use for such a thing in the main build. Sure it’s like 3-5 lines of code, but how many people are going to actually use it is the problem.

The reason the feature request section has a vote system is to show how many are in favor of adding features. And, no offense here, it doesn’t even seem like you’ve voted on your own request.

That being said, unless this becomes more popular, I don’t see this being added into the main build, which is why I was suggesting the edits for you to do.

I’m not trying to sound harsh, and I’m sure my words do, sorry.


No worries, I totally understand and respect the need to only add features that will provide value to the majority of users and try and prevent bloat or wasted developer time. Does not sound harsh at all! :smiley:

On this request, I can really only speak to my personal desire to be able to check on a raffle (especially one that is running for a full week like my current one) so I (or my moderators) can see what participation in the raffle is like.

Now that I have the raffle auto announce message working (aside from the timer bug) there is an (entries) variable supported in the message text so we can at least monitor participation in a raffle when we see that message pop up.

That said, being able to ping the bot to see if a raffle is open and what the participation is does (at least to me) seem handy, so I’ll give it a vote! :wink:

Thanks again,



The whisper feature cannot be added, which was mentioned above, however in the raffle system rewrites that I am currently working on, there will be a results command that will show the current raffle stats and it will be easily editable by users in the code. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Will this re-write make raffles and ticket raffles a bit more alike in terms of functionality and command structure? I’ve mainly been doing ticket raffles as a way to reward regulars who have more channel currency, but love some of the weighting options in standard raffles. I’m also doing ticket raffles since there are not that many opportunities for viewers to cash in their channel currency, so it’s a way to help balance the points economy and discourage hording.