"Remove song" on player


Could a ‘remove song’ button on the player like the ‘steal song’? I keep running into songs that I want to remove because they get removed for copyright or region when they previously played and the YTP stalls, but they playlist has 500+ on shuffle and finding each one in the playlist to remove them is a bit tedious.

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Can you provide examples of some songs that stall. We had to adjust how we detect these to relieve another issue with the logic that was skipping regular songs.

I am rewording the feature request for clarity.



this is the first one to have come up since making the post, so it’s the only example I have.

I get a “blocked in your country due to copyright.” but it’s not.


found another


this one too. just gone, nothing about regions and whatnot.


The first video is blocked for me in YouTube and in an embed. They may have previously played but YouTube at times does remove the videos from a region or they are removed completely.

The problem we have with trying to auto-detect stalls is it can also auto-trigger skipping when a song takes a few moments to queue up normally. Catch-22 we are stuck in. YouTube doesn’t send an event to say that the song is removed/copyright protected, which is unfortunate.

We are brainstorming up some ideas on how to catch this but, it still may have a delay before the song is skipped by a few seconds to ensure that we aren’t accidentally skipping something.

Otherwise, waiting for upvotes in general on the feature I think at this point.



Delete button. Mind you, at first I kept hitting it so you see a few “Now Playing…” and “Deleting…” alerts at the same time. Then waited a bit on the last delete.

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I still want to revisit auto-skipping again. Just struggling with what makes the most sense to do so. It seems that there should be a few second delay to make sure that something isn’t just buffering before deciding to skip it.


Right on, you guys rock. Having a couple hundred songs on shuffle made it a total pain to remove anything that went dumb and for removed or however. Thanks so much!