Rename !adventure command


I wish it would be possible to change the !adventure command to your own command

e.g. !adventure -> !“owncommand”

Maybe someone is able to tell me how to do this by my own ?

I already tried some changes in adventureSystem.js but nothing seems to work for me.


Just use an alias, there’s no need to rename the entire command (And potentially break something).

!aliascom owncommand adventure


EDIT ^^^ Or what he said


thank you alot , but it is not possible to deny !adventure as a command in chat right ?


Not without doing a full rename, which isn’t recommended for newer users. (as it has to be performed every bot update and if they don’t know what they’re doing, it’s safer to not break something than attempt to modify it)

As long as you have everything in your lang file referencing the new command name it’s highly unlikely a user will actually type out !adventure


what files would need editing ? i will take a look into it , i understand some basic of java , ill figure it out but need some hint where to look


For the lang files it’d be found within \scripts\lang\english\games

For the actual script it’s found in \scripts\games

Both file names are rather obvious (They have adventureSystem in the name).

You can use the documentation found here:

and here:

For more information.


thank you for everything so far , nice of you being so helpful

I already edited the mentioned files, i wasn’t sure if editing those two files is enough

and just exchanging “adventure” with “owncommand” didn’t help so far , seems that there is more work to be done than this


That would be why I recommended just using an alias, because this kind of thing happens.

Can you list what you’ve changed?


i exchanged all “adventure” entries with “owncommand” in both files , i also tried to only exchange all ‘adventure’ entries with ‘ninja’


I need more information than that.

There’s 3 instances of ‘adventure’ that you need to replace in the script.

Can you post exactly what you’ve changed (Mostly in the script, the lang file is quite irrelevant)



400 if (command.equalsIgnoreCase(‘adventure’)) -> if (command.equalsIgnoreCase(‘owncommand’))

524 $.registerChatCommand(’./games/adventureSystem.js’, ‘adventure’, 7); -> $.registerChatCommand(’./games/adventureSystem.js’, ‘owncommand’, 7);

525 $.registerChatSubcommand(‘adventure’, ‘set’, 1); -> $.registerChatSubcommand(‘owncommand’, ‘set’, 1);


And the bot was offline when you made these changes, you saved the file, and then you started the bot up, right?

Editing the files while the bot is online isn’t recommended, and I believe it is possible to break something that way (I know for a fact that the lang folder is monitored for changes by the bot, unsure about the rest).


strange, last time i tried this it didnt work , good that i tried it again , thank you for all your help so far

I hope there are no other , yet to come problems when changing those three lines , but at least it seems to work now


There shouldnt be issues, assuming there were no errors on startup.

However, when a new bot release comes out, you will have to come back to the command file and re-edit it.

As for the lang file, you’re welcome to copy it over into a custom lang folder.

so there would be 2 lang files, one in \scripts\lang\english\games and one in \scripts\lang\custom (the nested english/games folder aren’t needed for custom, but they do help with organization).