RevloBot Converter


UPDATE: The RevloBot converter is now included in our stable builds, which means you no longer need the nightly version of PhantomBot in order to import your point data.

Sadly the number one point related service for Twitch have decided to close their doors. As a farewell to the Revlo team, we have made a conversion service so you can move your viewers’ points to PhantomBot. For now, we will won’t have the same points system as RevloBot, since that would require a full rewrite of our current point system.

This import feature is only available in PhantomBot v2.3.7+.

To import your points from RevloBot, you will have to go to your RevloBot dashboard and export your points to a csv file. Once you have the file, make sure you’re running the latest build of PhantomBot and place the csv file in bot’s folder. Once you’ve done that, launch PhantomBot and type revloconvert FILENAME.csv in the console window. PhantomBot will automatically start importing your points over. Note that this may take time depending on the size of the csv file.

Revlo Converting

Thank you for bringing this on over!!!


should i use just command “revloconvert FILENAME.csv” without “!” at the start?
i launced *.bat file and after that tried typing this command but it’s not working



If you have the latest nightly build, you just need to type revloconvert filename.csv, no need to add the !.


tried with different names, dosn’'t work for me


Are you sure that you’re running the nightly build of the bot?


oh, only now i understand what does it mean
thanks! it seems to be good for now


You also need to put the name of the file for the .csv and not exactly what they put in the instructions… Thats why it says filename.csv


Hello, what is the console window? I tried typing in the twitch chat area but that didn’t work. Thanks


Little black box that pops up when you launch the bot. Referred to as “Command Prompt” by the Windows Operating System.


Yes, I think I see. I’m remoting into my raspberry pi which is running the bot using PuTTY on Windows. It’s all command prompt though, so I’m thinking how to enter that mode for Phantombot.


Instead of starting the bot as a service (I assume you start it as a service), stop the service and use ./ once from the bot directory as the bot user (not root!!) to get the Console. Then do what you need, hit CTRL-C and wait for the bot to shutdown then start it back up as a service.


Awesome! Thanks again for that. I remembered seeing that console portion during setup but couldn’t recall how to recreate it :+1:t3:


I had an error. Not sure what it means. I did a CTRL-C and then started PB again as a service and checked the points and I don’t think there was any change. Any ideas?


any thoughts on this @IllusionaryOne ? Is the error shown above something that can be remedied? Thanks!


I would need a sample Revlo file to reproduce as I never had Revlo. Would you feel comfortable sending us just a few lines of yours? Not the whole file, I imagine I would just need 3 or 4 top lines.

#17 (317 Bytes)
Of course. Here’s 4 lines. Thank you for your help!


Sorry for the long wait, just noticed there was some code missing in our importer. I will be pushing a fixed and nightly build shortly.

Actually, I reinstalled Windows yesterday, therefore I do not have the server information for the nightly build. I will ask @IllusionaryOne to push one once he gets on. Nightly builds are pushed every day at 5AM MST.

revloconvert motobrigade_points2.csv
[08-05-2017 @ 01:21:05.962 ADT] [CONSOLE] Executing revloconvert
[08-05-2017 @ 01:21:05.962 ADT] Importing RevloBot points...
[08-05-2017 @ 01:21:05.963 ADT] Imported: moobot - Points: 30
[08-05-2017 @ 01:21:05.963 ADT] Imported: motobrigade - Points: 4642
[08-05-2017 @ 01:21:05.964 ADT] Imported: revlobot - Points: 5130
[08-05-2017 @ 01:21:05.964 ADT] Imported: curseappbot - Points: 1432


Thank you, Scania! I use the stable version of PhantomBot so I can wait until the next version release.