Roulette idea


so while i was messing around, an idea came to me about another version of roulette. give it a gambling feature. as in !roulette 100 and make it a series event, so you get a total of 5 chances.

on the first one (5/6) if you live you only get back 50 of the 100
- second one (4/5)you get your full 100 back
- third, (3/4) something like 200
- fourth (2/3) maybe 450
- fifth (1/2) and if you manage to survive all 5 rounds maybe 750

so basically as you survive the rounds it gets more riskier

but if at any moment you get shot you lose your money, so in a sense a high risk high reward game. any questions about the above idea let me know so maybe i can clear it up XD