Scene Switching through a Chat Command


I was wondering if it is possible currently or if it would be possible to implement (maybe through OBS remote) for a user to type a command in chat and it changes the scene to a pre-determined one automatically? This could either be for a fixed period of time or until the chat command is used again (after a cooldown period).

Say for two person streaming, we have a scene for player 1 gameplay and another scene for player 2 gameplay. Having a command like !switchview, chat would then be able to change the scene to the gameplay of the other person.


Not with how the bot is designed currently, no.

Java, what the core is built on, has the ability to do what you’re asking, but it’s support for it is crappy at best (imo).

The Robot class, which is what you’d be using, can only do certain functions while the java program is selected (or in their words, focused). If, for instance, you had OBS selected and someone did the command, the robot class would attempt to hit the keys and nothing would happen. But, if you had the bot selected when the command was triggered, it would actually send the keystrokes.

There are third party libraries to help tackle these issues, but that’s even more work.

Source: I wrote my own “StreamDeck” code and this was one of the features I implemented.

All that being said, I don’t think this is a feature they’d be adding into the bot. For one, it’s got a rather niche use. For two, people aren’t usually a fan of a program that can control their computer (The java robot class can a lot more than you want).