Schedule Rerun start/stop


Not sure if this can be done via the api but a system to start and stop a ReRun on a time and date could be a great use esp if the streamer is having a break or a day off


Stopping the bot would kill the task, making it impossible to send a “start” command to it.

All the major OS’s have a form of a “Task Scheduler” built into them. You can always make use of them:





sorry can you be a bit clearer as I don’t understand why you are talking about stopping the bot


I think I misinterpreted your question.

Are you asking to start and stop a task/system within the bot? Such as turning the point system on and off when the streamer is on a break?

Or if I’m mistaken could you clarify a bit more


Scheduled recast (ex-vodcast), I guess.


Yes BantomPhot a way to schedule Rerun’s so it can be done if on holiday or having a break


The bot can’t interact to the scale of starting or stopping a stream, premiere or rerun. Also, Twitch ToS say that you are supposed to be in attendance whenever your stream is live in any way, so you’d still have to turn up, might as well start it yourself anyway.


That’s fair i was not sure if it was doable :slight_smile: