Selectable roles


Heyho ^^’

I know it may be a wierd question, but is there any way to make selectable role trees?

I mean something like this:
User A watched for 2 hours and is able to get a new role. Instead of just giving him the role “Role B” he can use a command to choose between two or more roles.

So he can choose between Role B (followed by Role B1, B2) and Role C (followed by C1, C2).
Sometime later you can make a role that can be chosen again or you can rejoin different roles.

So you can have a tree of roles and the users can choose their class, just like in a rpg ^^

I’m looking forward to see your response.
Sincerely, GoldenDragonplay


This can’t be directly implemented, because it would require a substantial (read 'complete) rewrite of the time system, you’d have to do the necessary re-writes yourself. There is a function to allow users to set their own custom rank, however.

I can offer two alternatives.

1: Set up a set of aliases, approximately as !aliascom rank1 rankedit custom (sender) Whatever custom rank name you want them to have. Unfortunately, there’s no way to limit this to user’s who have already reached the needed time, the rank and permissions group systems are separate. (Other than regular status) If you have enough active mods, you can lock this to mods, and change the (sender) to (touser). Note that (touser) will target the user of the command if the user does not target someone else.

2: Set a minimum time before users can set their own title, then set up aliases of !aliascom rank1 rank set Random rank name here. This will only work once people pass the threshold for custom ranks, and you could further apply permissions to specific aliases so that only regulars or subs can use them.

The easiest way to do this is to just have mods you trust and get them to manage it manually though.


Hey, first of all thank you fir the really quick response ^^

Your ideas got me thinking, will try them out ^^’

Have gotten an idea myself, but it’s a bit hard to describe with my broken english, so I will just try them and when they work I may will respond again so others may be able to see it when they want to deal with an as like idea ^^

Thank you very much, GoldenDragonplay


Cool, hope it works. :slight_smile: