Send command in whisper when it's on cooldown



Currecntly twitch unblock whispers, and all bots can user whispers (ofc with limits, but we can increase limits by send request in twitch form), also my bot have is_verified_bot, what means my bot havent any limits to whispers (as moobot)
So what i’m want
I want to be able send command in whisper if this command on cooldown
User1: !command
Bot: nice command
User2: !command

whispers to user2: bot: nice command


You could accomplish this with a custom script, but I don’t understand the point of a cooldown if you just whisper people anyways?


Dont spam in chat as bot, it’s a point


You could just make the command whisper everyone regardless of the cooldown? No “spam” in chat then?


Try to said it to 10k viewers :grinning:


At 10k viewers the point of cutting down spam seems kind of moot? Typically the chat is gonna be going fast anyways?


For example moobot have this function by default, why not add this? you are trying to tell me that there is no point in this when there is a sense in it lol


With the way PhantomBot is codded this isn’t possible. Also Twitch’s whisper systems has so many spam filters that’s it’s almost impossible to whisper users now. Also, the bot will only whisper users that have whispered it before or that is following it regardless of the limits you may have. This does not apply to whispers sent on site.


It was before. Now they allow. You can try it


Even if they did, the way PhantomBot is codded this isn’t possible.


Is your bot verified like Moobot? Being verified makes the bot treated differently by Twitch. Have you registered your bot and received back “known” status – which still isn’t verified which is for large bots.


Nope man, i know about it, my bot verifyed like moobot


What is your bot name?




Bot Name to Check: StrayRobot

Found ID: 159756799
Verified Bot: true
Known Bot: false

Then you might be able to get around some of the items. Verified bot is being removed from most bots though, it was removed from mine and put down to Known Bot.

Like Scania said though, PhantomBot doesn’t support it because the whisper system is locked down a bit and most people do not register and have their bot known by Twitch and they are actively demoting bots that used to have Verified unless very large bots (like Moobot and Nightbot).

As the bot is open source, you may make adjustments to support the features that you are after, or, hire a consultant to make those changes.


My bot verifyed like 4-5 months i dont think they will remove.
Ok, if its not possible, ok.


Mine was verified for almost a year and recently (last month) demoted.


Maybe i can hire some man from admins for writing this?