Server setup help


PhantomBot Version: v2.4.0.1
OS Version: windows 10
Java Version: 1.8.0_161
Browser and Version chrome
Stock PhantomBot: dont think i did

Let us know what help you need:

in you video on youtube YouTube
you were explaining how to get phantom bot onto a server, in part 2 of the explaination you had yum update and then some java update, i tried typing in just yum update copied exactly what was writen on the video screen at 2:40 but failed, i need to know what that java is for my computer so i could put it there so i could finish the rest of my setup, do you know where i could find my portion of that area? im new to this kind of thing so explain it like a guide for dumbies :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there,
First of all, I’m a bit confused. For your OS Version you said Windows 10, but you’re watching a video on how to install the bot on a CentOS linux server. What exactly are you trying to do here, install it on CentOS, Windows, Ubuntu?



i was trying to install it on vultr, and that video is about a linux server? i thought it was covering all versions of OS i just assumed i needed a server since all the other files didnt start the phantombot program


I’m assuming since you watched that video you got a server with Centos 7, if so, please follow this guide.


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