!setgame command not working in stream (solved)


Edit: resolved, permissions were set to admin for these commands in particular.

The !setgame command works in discord but not in the Twitch Chat.
I have ./commands/streamCommand.js enabled, I also tried enabling and disabling it and restarting the bot.
I also gave mod/admin permissions to the bot in the stream chat. Most other things work however !setgame command returns no message or action.

!title works, !settitle however does not.

typing setgame or settitle in the cmd works, however it doesnt respond with anything in chat
already reset/did authtoken again


PhantomBot Version: Latest
OS Version: Win 10 creators
Java Version: Latest
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Latest Firefox
Stock PhantomBot: Yes


A lot of commands are set to admin only by default, glad you figured it out.


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