Simple timer settings question


So i want to have individual settings for each timer and i am unclear if it already works this way or not. I think it would be nice to have a way to toggle individual timers on and of or both. so i guess my question is does the current timer system work individually with each timer set up? Like right now i have a timer that mentions about donations, but id also lik to have a timer set to remind me to go on a break(because i forget very often). thank you for your time and sorry if this is in the wrong area.


It doesn’t work that way. There is a redesign underway, but it doesn’t quite work that way either. The redesign allows for timers to be set to go off at certain times past the hour and, optionally, may be tied to a game. As for toggling timers, that is not part of the current redesign and the data model has already been setup a certain way, building it a different way would require another overhaul.


ok, i can understand that. perhaps in a future version?