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The short answer is, no. There are rate limits in Twitter for pulling other timelines. You are only allowed a limited amount within a 15-minute window, so, at some point, you couldn’t even pull everyone that follows you. The module is meant for managing the Broadcasters Twitter, it isn’t mean to scan other accounts. You are also stepping out into “get your Twitter account banned” territory, perhaps. Do you have permission from those folks to scan their accounts for their Tweets and resend them automatically in your channel?



but the bot was doing pretty much what I just said, every time someone was tweeting, it was showing it on the chat, without me editing any code (I am in group chat, so now this doesn’t work)

I was under the impression I don’t need to ask anyone for permission, considering its a public information?

Also, I don’t really need to access anyone’s timeline, twitter shows me their tweets automatically, and if it shows it to me already on the website, I am kinda confused about why it would be a problem to take it using the bot.


Getting data from the main site and from their API is completely different, Twitter’s API is very secured and you need to be authenticated to get any information regardless of it being public on the main site or not.


It was showing people that posted on your timeline, and showed up on your timeline, it doesn’t scan their timelines for information.

The information is not exactly public, but the property of Twitter. Their Developer Terms of Service (when using the API) is fairly strict - for example, you can get away with duplicate posts via the web interface and usually spamming out to multiple trending hashtags or mentioning (@user) users. However, that behavior can lead to an account being banned (we have had it happen) when using the API. Twitter realizes there is a difference between “human eyes” and a “robot” and treats them differently.

We do our best to go by the Twitter Terms of Service. Some folks have modified the Core to behave differently, and that is fine, the bot is open source. However, if their accounts are blocked or post-banned, we cannot provide support at that time. We already had a long talk with Twitter some time ago when we provided a generic account for folks to use that was banned and they gave us a laundry list of “do’s and do not’s” which we take pretty seriously after having an account banned. We apply what they told us to the way that the bot behaves to protect users from having that happen to them. I understand it is a bummer, but, that is why we do it.


are the exact limitations you have spoken earlier apply to the tweets that showed up on my timeline or is it different in that aspect?


Twitter has limitations in place for everything accessed via their API. They don’t care if you’re accessing ‘your’ data or someone completely unrelateds data. If you’re actually more than mildly interested I’d suggest reading their documentation and terms of service to grasp the nitty gritty details.


I will look at it this weekend, mid term examination week atm