Special Chars not displayed in stream title


PhantomBot Version (Version and Build Revision from startup): PhantomBot Version: 2.3.8-NB-20170914 (Revision: 7891d36)
OS and Java Version from Startup: latest
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Windows Server 2012, Chrome
Stock PhantomBot: Yes
Any Recent Changes to Your System: No

Special chars in stream title are not displayed properly. For example:

:red_circle: [GER/PC] ★ Your title ★

will be like

?? [GER/PC] ? Your title ?


To support multiple operating systems, we support only UTF-8. However, the stars do show up in Chrome on Windows 10, I would need to check a browser from Linux and macOS; if your browser is not displaying those characters, you may want to check on the specific browser configuration.


The good old encoding problems :smiley:
Okay i have to check what’s going on then. Eventually it is the webserver itself because i tried Chrome and Firefox and none display it right. Maybe it the webserver has some ugly iso encoding set :smiley:

Just wonder because bot has its own webserver so i have no clue where i should put utf8 encoding into ^^. I will figure out.

Thanks a lot


We set the encoding on the page to UTF-8. The server doesn’t render that. I’ll do some Googling tomorrow and see if I find anything.

I looked into emote rendering, it essentially requires an additional processing layer for each page. With the way we render and refresh, would need to figure out how that would work.


Didn’t figure out how i could get it working but if it is no bug but a setting of me then all is fine. Thanks for your awesome support. Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:


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