SRV Record for Bot



Hey does someone use an SRV Record with an Subdomain for the panel !?
And how does it lokk for you ?


My site uses a Zone editor so it may be a different configuration but:


I am not sure why a SRV record would be used, the A record is correct. SRV is for services like SIP, XMPP, LDAP, Active Directory, etc. The SRV record is typically required for SIP service. If you just want to name a host that the bot runs on, A is the more common way to go.


I want to have a domain on the IP but no need to enter the port for it.


Change your base port to 80 then.


This, or use a reverse proxy on a webserver, such as NGINX or Apache.

Changing the base port is probably easier though, depends on what you want.